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Are You a Wahooligan?

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Life can be an exhausting grind. Even when we’re not busy buzzing from one to-do to another, our attention is being diverted in a million different directions. But to a Wahooligan, these are just excuses people cling to instead of aspiring to greatness. Excuses like these keep people from becoming strong, fearless and even legendary–traits that are found in all Wahooligans.

While the word “Wahooligan” may not be in Webster’s Dictionary (yet!), people like JP are doing their part to define what it means.

JP, a busy executive here at Wahoo, is a fearless Wahooligan who recently completed a 150-mile bike ride to celebrate the 100th riding of the Tour of Flanders. Located in Belgium, the annual race covers 148 miles of varying terrain, from smooth roads to rough cobblestones. Riders often have to also battle tumultuous weather, as conditions range from cold to rainy to a combination of both. This weighed heavy on JP’s mind as he trained seven-days-a-week for the ride.

“It’s going to really test your stamina,” he said. “It’s going to test your mental toughness, your endurance and how much you can block out that you’re in pain and enjoy the experience.”

JP’s training regimen included riding outdoors in all types of weather conditions, cross training and indoor training on his KICKR, Wahoo’s smart bike trainer that allowed JP to be very specific in his training in terms of time, power and intervals.



JP, whose previous single-day ride record was 125 miles, also explained the way he gets and stays motivated, which exemplifies another very Wahooligan quality.

“My motivation is… I put it out there,” he said. “I tell a bunch of people that this is what I’m doing, and I’m going to complete this. I’m a person who prides myself on I’m going to do what I say I’m going to do.”

What about you? Do you have what it takes to be a Wahooligan or are you too busy playing Pokémon Go or marathoning the latest Netflix hit? If you ARE ready to put aside the excuses, Wahoo Fitness can equip you with the tools to help you be strong. To be fearless. To be a Wahooligan.

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