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An Interview with World Champion Wout Van Aert and Sniper Racing

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At 23, Wout Van Aert has already accomplished what some riders would consider retirement worthy. His back-to-back UCI Cyclocross World Championship wins are also impressive considering the intensity of the sport; cyclocross isn’t for the faint of heart, and it takes a special grit typically reserved for long-time riders to push through the grime and course. He might not seem old-enough to be labeled a “veteran,” but he’s certainly been around the bend once or twice like one.

We got to sit down with this defending champion and learn what he loves most about the Wahoo products he uses to train.

Wahoo: What is your favorite feature on the Wahoo ELEMNT?

Wout Van Aert: The easiness of the device is something that has amazed me from the start. How simple it is to transfer your data to your smartphone, it is something that I don’t need to think about — the device just does it. Also to transfer routes from your smartphone to your ELEMNT. This comes in especially handy when traveling. Something that I like as well is the app, because it displays all your statistics in a very clear way. Also the ability to completely personalize your bike computer, comes in very handy when using it so often as we do.

Wahoo: What pages do you use the most, and which statistics are the most vital for you?

Van Aert: It differentiates between race and training. While road racing, I usually only use one page, which displays power, cadence, heart rate, distance, speed and time. When racing cyclocross, the device is mostly there to register my statistics to analyze them later on, because in cyclocross you are usually just riding “à bloc”, so statistics at that moment aren’t really important. In training I use most custom pages I’ve made for myself, and I switch around between them.


The simpleness of the ELEMNT is what I enjoy the most — how easy it is to transfer your data, and later to analyze it on the app. – Stan Godrie, Sniper Cycling



Wahoo: What feature do you enjoy the most on the ELEMNT?

Van Aert: Something that Wahoo has — that I never had on previous bike computers — is “peak wattage.” This is something that really motivates me when doing specific intervals.

Wahoo: How often do you use your smart trainer and what for?

Van Aert: I try to train outside as much as possible. As a cyclocrosser, I can manage in most weather conditions, but when the weather gets really gnarly, I train on the smart trainer. Because it is not something that I like doing as much, I usually do it in two parts so that I can really do all my intervals correctly. The smart trainer is mostly used before and after races, to warmup and cooldown.


For more on the gear that Wout Van Aert uses to train, check out the ELEMNT and KICKR. Stay tuned to our blog for more from our Wahooligans!

This story was written by Ayse Van Laethem and Ian Van Landuyt. Ayse a storyteller and cyclist, Ian a photographer and trail-runner. The duo combined their forces to create Endurance Stories. A storytelling initiative that combined their two passions, creative storytelling and endurance sports.


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