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9 Kick-Ass Benefits of Cycling

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Whether you start cycling for fun, exercise or to be environmentally friendly, cycling is one of the best workouts you can get. From the calorie burn to the low impact on your body and the environment, the benefits of pushing those pedals are endless. Here are 9 of our favorites.

Burn Those Calories

Cycling offers a huge calorie burn. Depending on your weight, you can burn almost 600 calories in just one hour cycling at a moderate rate (12-14 miles per hour). But it’s important to remember to continue pedaling throughout the ride. You won’t burn any calories if you are just coasting. An easy way to track your calorie burn is by using an ELEMNT, one of our brilliant bike computers, and a TICKR X. This technology also tracks speed, cadence, distance and time during your ride.

Increase Your Brain Power

Research has shown that cycling helps build new brain cells in the part of your brain responsible for memory. The building of new brain cells happens through the boosted blood flow and oxygen that is delivered to the brain through exercise. Who doesn’t need a little extra boost in brain power?

Say Goodbye to Harsh Impact

Your knees and hips will thank you in the long run. Cycling, a nonweight bearing exercise, has a lower impact on your body as opposed to running. It can be a better fitness choice for those with joint damage or those who are overweight, as the risk of injury is higher with running than cycling.

Say Hello to Sleep

That’s right. Cycling can help you sleep, and not just because you will be worn out after pedaling your day away. Cycling requires you to get outside. This exposes your brain to sunlight which helps your circadian rhythm when it is time for some much-needed shut-eye. But exposure to the sun isn’t the only way cycling helps with sleep. The physical effort needed for cycling also contributes to a good night’s rest. So even if you are trying on an indoor bike, like the KICKR, you will still see an increase in sleep.

Control Your Weight

This is an obvious benefit. With all exercise, weight control is a given. But for those who are just beginning with their exercise regimen, cycling can be a great way to get weight under control, which can open the door to other fitness routines.

Relieve Your Stress

Stress is an unfortunate part of most adult lives, but cycling can help with that. Recent research supports the ideas that exercise lowers stress and those who cycle to work rather than drive also have lower stress levels. After all, traffic is the worst.

Go on an Adventure

Cycling gives you the freedom to explore your city from a different perspective. You might find a shop you haven’t seen before or a hidden nook you never knew existed. The possibilities are endless.

Save Some Money

Just think of all of the money you will save on gas if you started biking to work and on all of your errands. Plus, you can spend your savings on the important things, like food, activities and Wahoo products (duh).

Be Nice to the Environment

Hey there, Earth lover! We are pretty fond of our planet too, so it’s an added benefit that cycling has zero carbon footprint. It’s great for you and everyone (and everything) on this beautiful place we call home.


Did we miss any of the awesome benefits of cycling? Let us know!

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