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7 Minute Workout Competition Winner

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7 Minute Workout Winner

This summer we challenged all our wahooligans to get more reps than our Wahoo employees in a 6 week long 7 Minute Workout competition. Lanny was the lucky winner of a KICKR Power Trainer by doing two of the exercises each week from the app and beating our Wahoo employees in total number of reps.

Congrats Lanny!

Now that Lanny has had his KICKR for a few months, we wanted to see how he is enjoying his prize!

Q: How often do you use your KICKR?

A: I typically get 3-4 rides in per week using the KICKR.

Q: What is your favorite thing about it?

A: The open platform is my favorite aspect of the KICKR right now. It has allowed me to explore several different training apps and cater my workouts to the appropriate app.

Q: Are you using it to train for anything in particular or for general fitness?

A: Right now my KICKR is only being used for general fitness. However, I plan on utilizing it heavily during the Winter months to train for several triathlons next year. The portability of the KICKR is also extremely beneficial so I don’t miss a workout due to traveling.

Q: What device do you use with your KICKR?

A: I’ve been using the KICKR pretty exclusively with my iPad. Having both Bluetooth and Ant+ capabilities, makes the KICKR ideal for use with an iPad!

Q: What are your favorite apps to use with the KICKR?

A: I’ve been using the Wahoo Segments and Kinomap apps the most using my iPad. However, I’ve also had a lot of fun with the Wahoo workout app and velodrome feature in the Bkool app.

Congrats again to Lanny and make sure you stay tuned to our social media pages because YOU could be our next contest winner!

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