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The 5th Floor’s Luke Clark Reviews the ELEMNT BOLT

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When Jose Mendez (Wahoo’s Bike Stuff Super Domestique) unveiled the BOLT, my immediate reaction was “Of course. Why has nobody thought of that before?”

An aero bike computer designed to reduce air resistance by over 50%. Computer and mount as one.

Bikes, clothing and helmets are all designed with aero in mind so why has nobody done this for the computer?

But that’s typical Wahoo. They don’t think like everybody else. They start from scratch. They re-think with a single focus – us, the riders. And in this case, making us faster.

The 5th Floor (us) are an amateur race team based out of London and New York. We compete in all different disciplines but being based in cities our regular races are crits – fast and often furious. An hour on the gas.

This is where the BOLT will be in it’s element …or should I say ELEMNT (sorry). A computer designed for speed.

We are by no means pro racers and we know that at our level a couple of watts won’t necessarily be the difference between winning and losing, but speed gains are always welcome, no matter how marginal.

That said, saving over 12 seconds in a 40km TT at 21mph? That really could be the difference.

The added bonus of course is that it looks slick. Whether we like to admit or not, aesthetics are a huge part of cycling. The bikes we choose, the kit we wear, the legs we shave (?).

But the BOLT isn’t form over function, it’s form follows function. By designing the product with speed in mind, the shape created is naturally a thing of beauty.

Having used the ELEMNT for nearly a year we’ve quickly become accustomed to all of it’s features so we were very happy to hear that all of them would be included in the BOLT.

Team favourites include…

‘Zoom View’ – This is so simple but so useful. We prioritise our list of data fields on our phone then zoom in and out on the device to show more or less. Racing? Zoom in for just power and distance. Riding? Zoom out for all the stats.

Route Me Anywhere – Race done and time for recovery beers? Search for the nearest pub in the app and the unit will display the quickest route there (we’ve genuinely used it for this exact purpose).

Strava and RideWithGPS syncing – I’d actually forgotten what a faff it was to get a route on to my old device. With BOLT, we create our route, share with the team, sync the device and we’re done. Worldwide maps, turn-by-turn directions and live tracking of teammates – getting lost should be impossible.

For such a small unit, the BOLT is a lot of bike computer.

The BOLT has been designed with one thing in mind – speed. They had a single goal to create the world’s fastest bike computer and that’s exactly what they’ve done.

But what I really love, though, is that they’ve done it without sacrificing functionality. It has all the same features as it’s older brother just in a smaller, lighter and faster body.

Wahoo could easily have cut down the features forcing riders to make choice between speed and functionality – but they didn’t.

Luke Clark, the5thfloor.cc

Find out more about the new ELEMNT BOLT GPS bike computer on our blog or on our website.

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