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5 Thoughts From Shane Miller’s KICKR CLIMB Demo

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Eurobike, the world’s leading trade fair for the cycling industry, is home to the latest and greatest in new bike tech. This year, we made some serious buzz with our announcement of the KICKR CLIMB to our smart training ecosystem.

One blogger, Shane Miller, got a behind-the-scenes preview of the CLIMB before we unveiled it to the public. Here’s the 5 biggest takeaways from his hands-on demo.

1. It’s “a welcome relief.”

“When you first get on a smart trainer, and they hit that first hill, and the resistance kicks in, I had that all over again. The gradient change — it was a welcome relief. It wasn’t just [a welcome relief] because it was just fun, or it’s new, or it’s innovative — its a relief on the sit bones.”

2. It fits perfectly with your tire.

“It’s no taller than a front wheel, and it takes up less space as well.”

3. Your beloved bike is safe.

“It has real moving pivot points and it won’t chew out your carbon frame bike or any bike you put on it.”

4. No lag.

“There’s no lag whatsoever from the visual and to what you’re seeing and feeling through the handlebars.”

5. You’ve got to try it.

“You’ve got to try it yourself to get that wow factor and put a smile back on your face indoors.

Interested in getting your hands on our newest product? Learn more about the KICKR CLIMB, and sign up for notifications for when it releases!


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