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2017: A Review of Our Biggest Year Yet

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Muhammad Ali once said, “It’s not bragging if you can back it up.”

Sure, nobody likes a hot shot, but — if we’re being honest — we’re really proud of what we’ve done this year. Between the innovative CLIMB, the new Live Track features on our family of ELEMNT bike computers, and some welcome upgrades to the KICKR — we’re going to pat ourselves on the back just this once. We’ve worked hard, took your feedback to heart, set some ambitious goals, and hopefully made your cycling life easier (and a whole lot more fun).

As we round out the year, we want to highlight some of our favorite pieces from the blog. What new release from Wahoo Fitness got you the most excited this year?



  • How to Use Planned Workouts on Your ELEMNT
    Planned Workouts is our solution to a pretty common dilemma: what the heck am I going to do for a workout today? We made it super easy to load up your favorite training apps and hit the pavement.
  • How the ELEMNT MINI Can Help Meet Your Riding Needs
    Small in size, but big in features, the ELEMNT MINI is a rider’s best friend. No matter your riding style, it’ll link up to your favorite apps and help you manage your ride.
  • How to Set Up Live Track on Your ELEMNT
    Getting lost or hurt on the road is scary. Riding alone can be monotonous. Live Track fixes both of those problems and it’s supremely simple to set up and use.

Up to Speed with the BOLT

  • First Ride with the New ELEMNT BOLT
    Cycling is about speed. Between faster laps, quicker climbs, and swift descents, a rider’s goal is to shave off time. So, with aerodynamic efficiency in mind, and some engineers in our workshop, we made the sleekest bike computer on the market.
  • Geek’s Guide to the New ELEMNT BOLT
    The term “geek” gets a bad rep. But let’s face it — as gearheads we love our gadgets and new tools. We’re geeks. The new BOLT had some fancy schematics under it’s hood, and we broke down the nitty gritty details for us geeks out there.

Raising the Bar for Cyclists

The New KICKR is King

  • 3 Reasons Why You’ll Love the New KICKR
    There are plenty of reasons why the new KICKR is the best version yet. However, its big three features really make the product magical.
  • 4 Goals to Reach With Your New KICKR
    With improved disc brake clearance, more adaptable thru axles, and more ways to enhance your ride, the newest edition of the KICKR is helping riders go faster, father, and get stronger. With that in mind, we provided a few new reach goals t0 achieve on your new smart trainer.

Our Team is Getting Stacked


What a year it has been for us here at Wahoo Fitness. We’re already planning some big releases for 2018 — stay tuned to the blog for more!

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