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107km for 107 Days | Riding For a Cause

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Cycling 107 kilometers every day for 107 days sounds tough, right? Well, it’s been cyclist Chris Hall’s reality for almost three months now.

While most of us were indulging at the work Christmas party or getting ready for New Year’s, Chris was on his bike battling wind, rain, even a bit of snow (or possibly eating…he’s been doing a lot of that, too).

He’s already racked up over 8,000 kilometers in the process – and he’s still going.

Chris is the true embodiment of a Wahooligan. Every day since December 16th Chris has gotten up before the crack of dawn, spent 5 hours riding, 9 hours working in an office in London, an hour eating, an hour stretching, 30 minutes changing clothes, 30 minutes showering and 7 hours sleeping. Then started the whole thing again. This data has been meticulously collected using the ELEMNT GPS Bike Computer, with Chris logging everything he does throughout the day.  

He’s pretty much cycling’s answer to Forrest Gump!

One thing Chris certainly doesn’t have is the luxury of a professional support crew or bags of time. He’s just a regular guy doing something incredible to raise awareness for a cause he’s really passionate about.

The number 107 is significant to Chris. It represents 107 very special children – the students at the Pace Centre. Pace is a school that transforms the lives of children up to the age of 18 with motor disorders like cerebral palsy. Completely self-funded, it’s founded on the firm belief that every child has the ability to learn and make progress.

So what does it take for an ordinary guy with a full-time job to take on such a huge challenge? Well, support is key. Since the start of this challenge, the cycling community has rallied together to ensure Chris has the best possible chance of reaching the finishing line on April 1. Wahoo Fitness is proud to be a part of this community, supporting Chris with the ELEMNT, TICKR and the SNAP Power Trainer.

Supplying Chris with a bike computer, bike trainer and heart rate monitor helps him manage the huge physical battle this challenge presents, but we’re just one piece of the puzzle. It’s support and encouragement from fans, friends and followers that are helping him conquer the mental battle.

In addition to keeping a video diary, Chris is posting daily updates of his progress on Instagram. He’s been overwhelmed by the outcry of support from both friends and strangers reaching out and offering to lend a wheel, an ear, or a bit of food.

There’s still a long road ahead, but he’s got the Wahooligan community behind him on the journey. Stay tuned for more about Chris and his progress in the coming weeks.

To support the Pace Centre and Chris’s efforts in the form of a donation click here.

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