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How the Wahoo ELEMNT Cured My Technophobia

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I’m pretty sure when Wikipedia wrote the definition of “technophobia”, they used me as the poster boy. I have a fear of computers and new tech gadgets, always have. To put things in perspective (or to make excuses for myself), I used a computer in college solely for word processing, and that’s it. It was the same when I became an elementary school teacher. 

Fast forward eighteen years, and even though I work in the bike industry and “ride” for a living, I still get cold sweats thinking about syncing up my iPhone and computer, updating apps, or trying to figure out the different screens on my Garmin.

Enter Wahoo’s ELEMNT.
In all humiliating honesty, it had been sitting on my desk for five days because I was scared to try to set it up. I finally drummed up the courage while at home — away from prying eyes — to get my ELEMNT ready for use.

To begin, I downloaded the ELEMNT app on my phone, not just the Wahoo Fitness app. Next, once plugged in, the ELEMNT head unit displayed a QR code, which I took a picture of and — voila! — it synced with my phone. As easy as a literal SNAP, and I was on my way to personalizing my account; linking my ELEMNT with Strava, Ride with GPS and Training Peaks, and setting up the Live Tracking feed, which can send location emails to your loved ones. This technophobe knows he set it up correctly — when I returned from my first pedal, I got an excited message from my wife saying how cool it was to receive a location tracking email from my ride. Can you say winning?!

Speaking of that first ride, it was with some trepidation that I turned it on, as using it still scared me. To customize the ELEMNT’s data fields and different screens, all I had to do was use my phone to choose the information I wanted displayed for workout, climbing, and lap data. Scroll-down menus made the set up really easy, and the coolest part was seeing the screen change as soon as I made the selections from my app. That’s pure magic for a technophobe like me, and set me even further at ease about using this new device.

Like those old GEICO commercials said: “So easy, a caveman could do it.”

Well, I’m a (tech) caveman, but setting up Wahoo’s ELEMNT was, hands down, the easiest and most intuitive interaction I’ve had when using new cycling technology. From the bottom of this caveman’s heart, I thank Wahoo and look forward to figuring out the other bells and whistles — the mapping feature, turn-by-turn directions, text and phone alerts, and KICKR control technology — that makes this GPS bike computer truly technophobe-friendly.

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