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ELEMNT BOLT Bike Computer Reviews Round Up

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Check out what people have to say about our newest GPS bike computer – the ELEMNT BOLT.

“Bike computers might not be the first pieces of gear to come to mind when you think of aero parts, but Wahoo Fitness is looking to change that.”

The Gearcaster
“Normally, bike accessories are an afterthought when looking at aerodynamics but Wahoo decided to treat it like any other component and figure out how best to reduce drag. The result might just get you a PR in your next race.”

Bike Radar
“..the BOLT also lets you use the power of Google to search out a destination when out on the bike, and then use your BOLT to navigate you there.”

“The BOLT packs a lot of features into a computer smaller than your iPhone, making it a worthy companion.”

Road Bike Review.com
“This trimmed-down version of the standard ELEMNT is 43 grams lighter, shares nearly all the same functionality but with a smaller screen, and is more aerodynamic because the new device and its included out-front mount were designed to fit together seamlessly.”

“..put the new Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT on the top of your summer cycling season shopping list.”

(Image via Road Bike Review.com)

Bike Rumor.com
“If I have to have a computer on the bar, I want something I won’t have to struggle through menus to set up. Both ELEMNT computers check all the boxes with easy to read displays, they’re easy to use and navigate, and now, with the BOLT they’re more aerodynamic as an added bonus.”

DC Rainmaker
“It’s really just such a nice little package that works so well – and all cheaper than [competitor].  Plus, I love how easy it is to stick a point on a map via the phone and have it route.  The same goes for using RideWithGPS to get turn by turn routes onto the unit.  All major benefits if you use those services.”

“So job well done Wahoo – you’ve managed to do what is far more difficult than most people realize: Making a really good bike computer that consumers will crave and love.” 

(Image via DC Rainmaker)

Find out more about our new ELEMNT BOLT GPS bike computer on our blog and on our website.

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  1. Don

    March 31, 2017 at 6:41 pm

    What will it retal for


    • Wahoo Fitness

      April 26, 2017 at 3:29 pm

      it will retail for $250 USD.


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